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  • October 12 @8:30pm - Marie-Francine
    Written by
    October 12 @8:30pm - Marie-Francine

    North American Premiere

    Dumped by her husband and downsized out of her job, Marie-Francine has to move back in with her parents... at the age of 50! They treat her like a child, but it is in the small e-cigarette shop they open for her that she finds love with Miguel, a chef who doesn't admit to her that he is in the same situation. It's not easy having a young heart in a middle-age body, but Marie-Francine proves to us that 50 is the new 30!

    A comedy of manners with a funny storyline that sways towards romantic comedy, all the more moving that the two bashful lovers are definitely in their fifties and that Valérie Lemercier beautifully fosters the smiling and poetic elegance of the heart. (translation of a quote by Jean Serroy, Le Dauphiné Libéré)

    We fall in love with its female protagonist as well as with her new lover embodied by the unexpected Patrick Timsit in the part of an alluring cook. (translation of a quote by Caroline Vié, 20 minutes)



    IN PERSON Carlton CINEMA (20 Carlton Street) 30 minutes before the movie


    Written on Sunday, 10 September 2017 20:07 in English Programme Read 2152 times
  • October 12 @6:30pm - Les Ex
    Written by
    October 12 @6:30pm - Les Ex

    North American Premiere

    If Paris is the city of lovers, it is also that of... exes! Antoine no longer dares to become involved with anyone, Didier regrets breaking up with his ex-wife, Laurent is obliged to celebrate the marriage of his ex, Julie, Serge is hassled by Lise, his current girlfriend's ex, while Greg finds consolation with his ex's dog! So many characters whose lives become mixed up in delightful disorder and who may just fall in love all over again! But with whom? Whether we're obsessed about them, or we love hating them, deep down, it is difficult to forget our exes

    Some romantic comedies make us think, dig deeper without necessarily being a work of art. Maurice Barthélemy makes a feel-good movie using laughter to downplay the drama, bring lightness and pass on a great message. (Translation of a quote by Oriane Marrec, Sept Jours à Brest)

    A kind of anti - « Love Actually » that epitomizes the adage: “we can’t live with our exes, but we can’t live without them” (Translation of a quote by Lola Sciamma, Voici)

    But do we ever leave our ex? The perfect question for the topic of a comedy, already tackled in an Italian film of which it is the French remake: less caustic, more like a Vaudeville… (Translation of a quote by Jean Serroy, Le Dauphiné Libéré)

    IN PERSON Carlton CINEMA (20 Carlton Street) 30 minutes before the movie

    Written on Sunday, 10 September 2017 20:03 in English Programme Read 1770 times
  • October 11 @8:30pm - Lost in Paris (Paris pieds nus)
    Written by
    October 11 @8:30pm - Lost in Paris (Paris pieds nus)

    Ontario Premiere

    Fiona, a small town Canadian librarian, receives a letter of distress from her 88-year-old Aunt Martha living in Paris. Fiona hops on the first plane only to discover that Martha has disappeared. In an avalanche of spectacular disasters, she meets Dom, a seductive egotistical homeless guy who won’t leave her alone. The fun and hectic tale of three peculiar people lost in Paris.

    In a world where comedy has gone raunchy, we'll always have Paris— which has seldom been funnier or more charming than as seen through burlesque duo Abel and Gordon's eyes. (Peter Debruge, Variety)

    In “Lost in Paris”, the married directors and stars Fiona Gordon and Dominique Abel show a grace for physical comedy and pretzel-like pas de deux. If their fourth feature (…) is mild by design, their style — equal parts Jacques Tati, Jerry Lewis, Wes Anderson and “Wallace & Gromit” — isn’t easy to pull off. (Ben Kenigsberg, The New York Times)



    IN PERSON Carlton CINEMA (20 Carlton Street) 30 minutes before the movie


    Written on Sunday, 10 September 2017 19:56 in English Programme Read 2007 times
  • October 11 @6:30pm - In Short (Courts métrages )
    Written by


    Canada (New Bunswick), 10 min

    Director: Julien Cadieux
    Cast: Denis Richard, Élyse Delaney, Kevin Arseneau
    Language: French (English subtitles)
    Year: 2016

    Since his accident, ex-champion Bill has hung around a bowling alley, waiting for his life to get back on track. Having signed a shameful pact, he starts his final game.




    In the presence of director Claudia Hébert

    Les deuxièmes(The Runners-Up)
    In the presence of dierector Claudia Hébert

    Canada (Québec), 21 min

    Director: Claudia Hébert
    Cast: Geneviève Boivin-Roussy, Francis Ducharme
    Language: French (English subtitles)
    Year: 2017

    A man and a woman in their thirties inside a cottage surrounded by the freezing cold of winter. In their pajamas, they laugh, play, embrace, tame each other, enjoy doing nothing and take life as it comes. Inside this playful and tender intimacy, the weight of everything that is not said is getting heavier. (translated from Productions Leitmotiv )





    13 min

    Director: Mike Chevreuil
    Cast: Frank Milin, Peiin Akgün
    Language: French (English subtitles)
    Year: 2017
    Festivals: Cannes Festival (2017)

    I’m the luckiest guy on earth to have met this chick ! Victor, shoemaker in a chic area of Paris, is living a fairy tale with one of his clients. But things can change dramatically and that evening, the day after their first anniversary, the rupture has never looked that close.





    Canada (Ontario), 4 min

    Director: Arnaud Weissenburger
    Cast: Carl Bieman
    Language: French (English subtitles)
    Year: 2017

    A young man sees himself crossing a snowy desert in his pessimistic premonition. With the objective of finishing his painful journey, he discovers a peaceful but distant world where the rest of the world lives...




    Blocus 138 - La résistance innue

    Canada (Innuit Nation), 7 min

    Director: Junior Leblanc
    Language: French (English subtitles)
    Year: 2012

    This documentary shows the events of March 9th, 2012, during the road block of the 138, and describes, with exactitude, the action and emotion of the moment.




    Correcting the Chalkboard (Corriger le tableau)

    Canada ( Atikamekw Nation), 5 min

    Director: Wapikoni mobile team
    Language: French (English subtitles)
    Year: 2012

    On a blank chalkboard, youth from Manawan rewrite the stories of their lives.





    IN PERSON Carlton CINEMA (20 Carlton Street) 30 minutes before the movie


    Written on Sunday, 10 September 2017 19:55 in English Programme Read 1460 times
  • October 10 @6:30pm - Mr. Stein goes online (Un profil pour deux)
    Written by
    October 10 @6:30pm - Mr. Stein goes online (Un profil pour deux)

    North American Premiere

    Pierre, a retired widower, hasn't left his house in two years. He discovers the joys of the Internet thanks to Alex, a young man hired by Pierre's daughter to teach him computer basics. On a dating site, a gorgeous young woman, flora63, seduced by Pierre's romanticism, suggests they meet. Pierre, in love, starts living again. But his profile sports a photo of Alex and not of him. Pierre must convince Alex to meet Flora in his stead.

    This is the type of comedy we love: delicate, beautifully scripted, it is the gift of a superb part for Pierre Richard, a film revelation with Yaniss Lespert (“Fais pas ci, fais pas ça”) and a reminder that Fanny Valette is an extraordinary actress. (Translation of a quote by Pierre Vavasseur, Le Parisien)

    And all actors, without any exception, beautifully play their parts. So, we can, of course, salute Pierre Richard for his great acting. He proves with this film that you can be funny at any age and that, above all, it perfectly fits with smoothness and tenderness. He is just perfect for the part. (Translation of a quote from

    IN PERSON Carlton CINEMA (20 Carlton Street) 30 minutes before the movie

    Written on Sunday, 10 September 2017 19:48 in English Programme Read 1881 times